How will Breaking Bad end!?

Hey, have you been watching Breaking Bad? I got in a little late to the game I must admit but I have made a concerted effort to catch up (binge watching each season pretty much) and must say I am on the edge of my set for the last have of the final season. If you haven’t seen it yet – you need to catch up. It is the best show on TV at the minute. Don’t worry you can catch up pretty quickly if you forget about DVDs and just watch breaking bad season 5 online.

Breaking Bad Season 5 onlineThis is generally quicker and easier, and every time Walt and Jesse get into some awful cliffhanger moment, you don’t have to wait and change DVDs (or even buy the next one and wait for delivery!) but you just click on your laptop and it’s ready to go! You can do this through AMC’s Breaking Bad website, or else you can watch through iTunes or Amazon Instant. There’s also loads of websites around now giving you information and showing you exactly where you can watch the shows. Click here to see where I went to watch Breaking Bad Season 5 online.

Some shows don’t suit marathon or binge watching (basically shows that are a bit too much work, or are a bit too formulaic) but Breaking Bad puts its foot on the pedal and does not give up all through the 4 and a half seasons that have so far aired. Walter White just keeps on going to places (literally and metaphorically) that we could never have seen him going way back in Season 1. And Jesse I half want to stay with Walt in the meth business, and half of me wants him to just get away somewhere quiet and safe. I don’t know if the two of them will survive onto the end of the season (and Vince Gilligan has promised us in advance that this is indeed with final season there will be – so all things will be resolved!). Remember, if you want to read more about this fantastic show head over to

All Hail The King - Breaking BadThe storyline throughout Season 4 with Gus Fring and Mike just had me on the edge of my seat. It was like Gus and Walt were two chess masters locked in an epic duel, not of force, but rather each trying to stay one step ahead of the other, to outwith his foe, and plan every move several moves ahead of time. Basically I watched the whole show in about 2 days, because I had purchased and downloaded them all onto my laptop, so when one episode ended I was just like CLICK and the next episode started straight away. Breaking Bad is designed to be watched like this. I did the same each week as Season 5 came out. If you haven’t seen it yet or haven’t caught up I suggest you find somewhere like Amazon Instant and start getting those episodes easily and quickly. You can watch Breaking Bad Season 5 online or in fact any of the seasons. I have now got Seasons 1 – 5 saved on my laptop for rewatching or for showing to friends. I always force them to watch a few episodes and then pretty soon they are addicted too! It really is that good a show – so if you haven’t started watching yet, GET STARTED!

How to be Don Draper

It’s Monday evening, I’m home from work, and that means one thing: It’s time to watch Mad Men online. This week, I shall be watching in the style of Don Draper, the dark heart of the show. Here’s my checklist:

1) Play around with big accounts at work without consulting anyone, jeopardising the whole company, only tthe-don-drapero win big with a last minute inspired pitch to a big company. Usually involves a radical approach along the lines of “But we don’t actually show the car. Or the name of the company. Or anything ….”

2) Have a whiskey and a cigarette to celebrate (or to use as a time to reflect on my lack of feeling and emotion).

3) Undermine Pete Campbell, the talented obnoxious young Don Draper wannabe. Preferably let Pete do most of the work in getting accounts to the company and generally trying really hard and sucking up to all the clients, then I’ll swoop in and seal the deal by exuding uncontrollable levels of cool. Maybe Pete will want to celebrate with me, or simply go for a drink, or anything to get my slightest approval. I will not give him this.

4) Have a whiskey and a cigarette to celebrate.

5) Invite Roger Stirling in for a whiskey and cigarette. Be bemused at his banter.

6) Perhaps I will disappear for a few hours or days to tend to my latest existential crisis and go visit an old flame or meet a wise old man in a bar or hang out with some hippies and try some of their hippy drugs anything ANYTHING to try and feel something damnit!! But none of it works and I lose patience and get bored and trudge away, lighting a cigarette at the door as I leave and probably saying something disparaging. Also have a whiskey and cigarette in the airport en route home.

7) Be always indifferent and bored and passive-aggressive towards my wife.

8) Sleep with lots of women. But really fall for one (not my wife). A different one every season I guess would be enough. Feel like they will fill the hole inside of me, but of course they won’t and I will chase them away or find out they like me and I will run away. Women be crazy amirite?

9) Definitely do not spend time with my children. I think I have 3?

10) Drink some more whiskey and smoke many cigarettes.

11) Drink an Old Fashioned. Look cool in a suit.

Ok clearly I have a lot of preparation to do before I can watch Mad Men online tonight. Maybe I picked the wrong person. Don Draper must be miserable after going through this kind of preparation. Also I don’t have a nice enough suit.

Next week I’ll watch Mad Men online in the style of Harry Crane. That’ll be much easier:

1) Watch a lot of TV and generally feel underappreciated.

I think I’m there already. Anyway, if you’re interested in watching this show then I highly recommend checking out this site: It has everything you need.